Roots and the occasional random leaf

I’m rarely  at a loss for words.  I have found myself opening the NaBloPoMo page , reading the prompt for June and coming back with something to write.  I can usually just start and finish pretty quickly, often without editing.  Just let it go….

Unless it is asking me about the roots of responsibility and wings of independence.  Neither character trait came nurturally (I made that up just now).  There were no discussions in the house I grew up in about what the future would look like. Or what the past is reported as.  About who would make a good carpenter, because he likes to bang on things with his toys.  Or how she might excel at piano with her long, lean fingers.  So when I think about the wings of independence, I have a picture in my mind’s eye of me with broken wings, spindly feathers inadequate for flight and a nest of little ones who need to learn to fly without the benefit of a parent who can.   Sometimes it’s ok to rely on what comes naturally, for that seems the purest and most authentic thing about me.  Those things build confidence and the greatest chance of setting down roots that my children can hang onto.  Most of my children have grown into their 20s and I do see some of those roots.  We started ourselves.

And I read this today:

I realized things cross my path a few times in little recognizable themes.  The word hungry did that over the weekend for several very different reasons.  Yesterday, it was a chat with a friend about food as fuel and whether people were really hungry for something, not food.   I had a memory of the last time I saw my midwife in VA, after the birth of my 5th.  I was embarking on a move to the Wild West and she asked me where she thought I would be in 10 years.  So, it’s been aobut 6 years now and my response to her still stands.  I told her I was hungry.  Hungry to learn and mindful of rural obstetric care where I was going.  I had a slight idea of the atmosphere, politically.  So, here I am and there is no time like the present to set down a root and get to work.  In this case, just saying it outloud gives it life.  and I passed this incredible thing on a few times:   This is local (ish) to me and I am so impressed by the vision and passion.  And the hunger from both sides that just gets the job done.  I read once in a while that little gem about feeling discouraged and what to do? The answer is to encourage someone else.  I pick a different kickstarter each month.  It’s not much (usually $10) but it means great things cross my path.  I also realized I need to volunteer my time with these folks.  I can’t wait.


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Hafu (Half Japanese), Late Discovery Adoptee, Sister, Mom, Daughter, Wife, I cook, look back, look forward, lean left, drive a lot, write a lot, wish a lot, I will be square with you if you are square with me. Find me on Instagram @shojikat and Twitter @biteme9090
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