Fracture and Repair

Living beings experience this process in order to regain structure in the skeleton and continue daily life.  When a bone is fractured, several things happen in a certain order.

Blood leaks into surrounding tissue causing a hematoma (bruise).

Spongy bone will form nearby.

Then a bony callus will appear.

Lastly, osteoclasts will replace the excess tissue and a good as new bone is ready for business as usual.

This ongoing ability to fracture and repair is essential to survival.  Hopefully some thought is given to how fractures occur so the experience isn’t repeated.

So goes relationships.  We all experience fracture of the mind and heart occassionally.  For health reasons, it is hoped that fractures in relationships occur very rarely.  Just as repeated breaks in bones can quickly have an overall effect on physical wellness, repeated demands on the mind to repair relationship disruptions creates an undesirable personality.

It is said that it is easiest to hurt the ones closest to us.  Humans think of those closest as a bonded forever link.  The occassional distruption in a loving, caring exchange of ideas and daily experiences is not likely to destroy the connection.  When such a fracture occcurs, hopefully there is resolution that brings repair and in turn, comes the promise to follow through and NOT repeat any offense.  When that follow through proves true, trust abounds.  If one’s heart is wounded repeatedly without the benefit of repair, the mind is left to it’s own defense and will naturally choose to avoid any risk of injury.  The repair is wonky…not quite good as new.Image


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