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In Defense of Letting It Be

those fences you erectthe boundaries you enforcemeant to stand for order, a show of discipline what you have done, instead is block the sunlight, created a byway for the rains,kept the space barricaded what you wanted (really) was your agenda … Continue reading

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Move through the stormlike you have somewhere to besomething very important to doanythingbe solidbe straightlook ahead for leaning branchesknow which ones will hold yousee the anchors in the rocksthe glint in moonlightwatch for the shelterbecome the waterlet the thunder come … Continue reading

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beckoned, called asked to sit listen without egoleave yourself over therecome in your Sunday bestcomb your hair sit back straight listenwithout your thoughtswithout your pain,your fears come with your mind openyour heart calm, freelistenbe a part of someone’s solution instead of your own come prepared to listenyou may … Continue reading

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Let go

That thing that happens. When your earth stops turning. When someone’s baby is leaving this plane. When the oceans stop flowing.Diamonds stop sparkling. Tomorrow doesn’t have to come, Until you are ready.  May Mother Earth come up to you,Softly,I’ll stop with you. Until you are ready.

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3 Haiku

Life leaves me plain notes Reassembling requires care Like flowers need the rain Falling to pieces Must happen once in a while All the parts will wait Keep a map of home So you can see where to go If … Continue reading

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