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Why Write?

It seems the more complicated life gets and the older I get the stronger the need (not an urge, not a ploy for attention, not a scheme for income, just a need…like I have to eat lunch and this thought … Continue reading

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Two Cancers and the Difference Between

Cancer One:  Son, diagnosed December, 2001. 4 siblings: 16,13,8,less than 1. Cancer Two: Husband, diagnosed October, 2014. 5 children, married 32 years. C1: Medical College of Virginia, 90 miles from home. C2: Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, 12 minutes from … Continue reading

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You’re adopted! The Ultimate April Fools

Originally posted on elle cuardaigh:
Imagine everything you thought you knew to be true was a lie. Imagine the parents you loved (or hated, or both) had deceived you your entire life, either with outright untruths, or lies of omission.…

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