Why Write?

It seems the more complicated life gets and the older I get the stronger the need (not an urge, not a ploy for attention, not a scheme for income, just a need…like I have to eat lunch and this thought and those ideas need to get out of my head) to write it somewhere becomes an essential tool for living and being a healthy as I can be human.

Today, I read this http://www.blogher.com/you-can-do-anything-ten-minutes on Facebook and consider what 10 minutes is.  Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes just to get my bearings.  Are his IV meds hung?  Did I open all the clamps?  Does he have all his meds?  How long till I can’t put off his bandage changes?  When will I squeeze in a shower.  Those Words With Friends games are going to expire.  I have a Dr appointment at 2. Who’s picking up Addie? Just get through today.   My connection to the outside world is stored in my phone and on my computer, because that is where the outside world is for me right now.  The danger in being a caregiver really lies in isolation. And I’ll be damned if I am going to let my brain go to mush and fall into a nobody cares, so I don’t care canyon.  I need to keep up on life out there and I need to scan and look for ways to keep me from going bat shit crazy.  In little snips.  Ten minutes is a good little snip.  Sometimes I am racing through web pages and facebook for 10 minutes while waiting for someone around here to finish up in the bathroom or digest meds.  Or while we wait for Drs and nurses.  I spend 5 of 7 days in a week in a hospital or clinic.  That’s a lot of 10 minutes waiting periods.  I wait at the pharmacy.  I wait for the bus to come.  I don’t wait for myself.  I have learned to be opportunistic with those little bits of time.  (You can yank a chinful of beardhairs at a stop light.)

When life gets chronically busy….taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of….you really have to prioritize what needs to be done.  Not so much what has priority, but what needs to be done in a day and then be smart about taking advantage of the chance to do them.

“What are you doing on Facebook all the time?”  I hear that alot.  I’m not really there all the time.  I am scanning for information, inspiration,a place to leave my expressions and an account of my life.  Sometimes it is all so big and odd that letting it leak out a little at a time is the most sensible way to do it.  If you heard about my life all at once, you would swear it was fiction.  Often, a few soft words from someone needs to be seen again.  It can be the difference between losing sight of the end of the day and making it to the next task. THAT is using Facebook efficiently.  It is a good thing.  And it brought me to that 10 minute thing.  I needed that.

I’ve spent 10 minutes here.  No editing, no rewriting.  I just needed to say that.


About kat9090

Hafu (Half Japanese), Late Discovery Adoptee, Sister, Mom, Daughter, Wife, I cook, look back, look forward, lean left, drive a lot, write a lot, wish a lot, I will be square with you if you are square with me. Find me on Instagram @shojikat and Twitter @biteme9090
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1 Response to Why Write?

  1. Devon says:

    Glad to share your 10 minutes. Hang in there.

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